Starting a skincare line was deeply personal for me because I’ve suffered from dry, eczema-prone skin since I was young. Going into my 40s, I noticed my skin becoming drier and more reactive to different skincare products. Visits to my doctor, who prescribed steroid creams to calm my inflamed skin, became more frequent. It was time for a clean, natural and organic approach.

I started researching pure, organic ingredients to strengthen my skin barrier. Local humidity meant I needed a dry oil that absorbed quickly and was easy to use. But my senses wanted a more luxurious experience—a moment of calm to slow down and nourish my soul as well as my skin.

After qualifying as a certified natural skincare formulator, I launched Julie Penn Botanicals, named after my two daughters. We are passionate about formulating gentle yet high-performing natural skincare with the finest organic ingredients to support your skin. Your skin comes first.


We think that you should not have to choose between high-performance skincare and natural skincare, which is why our product is designed with results, transparency, and nature in mind. Using only the finest, highest quality, and most targeted ingredients from across the world to provide you with results-driven, natural skincare.

We explore the world for the best ingredients and carefully pick suppliers whose values align with our commitment to sustainable sourcing. That being stated, we only utilize high-quality synthetic substances if they provide benefits in terms of usability and beauty outcomes. Our compositions are unique, well-researched, and designed by a certified organic skincare formulator(s).

We meticulously craft small batches packed with potent ingredients and love for your skin to demonstrate our devotion to using fresh, natural ingredients that are excellent for your skin.

  • We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

    Our products are safe and comply with European and British requirements, which are the gold standards for skincare regulations worldwide.

    We only sell the products that we use on ourselves.

    Lovingly made and formulated in Hong Kong.

  • Our products are free of:

    ✓ Mineral oils

    ✓ Parabens

    ✓ Harsh petrochemicals

    ✓ Synthetic fragrances

    ✓ Artificial colors

    ✓ Animal derivatives